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The organization Shooting Hoops Not Guns, was developed in 2014 to educate, elevate, & influence Jacksonville, FL westside male resident youth and young adults ages 16-25. A community driven and community service organization to bring awareness, through sport activities, life enrichment, motivational, educational and career enhancement Events & Seminars. The Shooting Hoops Not Guns organization purpose is to spread awareness of gun violence in the community and teach prevention through positive alternatives.

The organization was created and funded by Valencia Hawkins, with the assistance of Board members Donnie Swift and Oliver Hawkins. More can be done in the fight against gun violence with the help of Community Activist, Supporters, District leaders and Public Advocates of the cause. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating gun violence not only on the Jacksonville, FL Westside community but also throughout all communities in the City of Jacksonville and eventually the whole State of Florida and the United States.

Game Rules:

No Offensive Language

Please be Nice!

Ref Decisions are Final

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